Monday, July 29, 2013

I love weekend bazaar - henna booth

 Some of the pic taken during I Love Weekend bazaar. I am sooo sorry, I will be less ative in blog. For more update. Please add me on my FB. Thanks!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Inai pengantin appointment update

Inai Appointment and dates:
20 June 2013  (Thu)
Jane, Kg.Ganang - 730pm
Ummi, Petagas - 730pm
Ly cee, tmn seri indah 1130am
28 June 2013 (fri)
Erni, b.padang - 7.30pm
5 july 2013
Sofea, Berjaya palace kk, 7pm
15-16 July 2013 (Mon-Tue)
Not available for bookings
5-11 Aug 2013
Hari Raya
14 Aug 2013 (wed)
Jehana, putatan - 7.30pm
15 Aug 2013 (Thu)
Neesa, Kalansanan inanam - 730pm
Emma, Inanam - 11pm
17 Aug 2013 (Sat)
Winnie, beaufort - 2pm
22 Aug 2013 (Thu)
Fifie, penampang - 730pm
Sheila, likas - 10pm
10 october 2013 (thu)
liza, papar 7.30pm TBA
24 October 2013 (Thu)
Yumi, my place, 7pm
25 October 2013 (fri)
Anna Tika, kota belud - 7pm
26 October 2013 (sat)
Qiss, Beaufort - 7pm
8 Nov 2013
Wirna Leezan (TBA)
13 November 2013
Felicia, penampang - 7pm
15 & 16 November 2013
Wedding Ms Romeo, kg.pinggan2
20 Nov 2013 (wed)
Sharidah, kg.taun gusi kota belud - 7pm
21 nov 2013 (thu)
Lela yusop, petagas - 7pm
22 nov 2013 (fri)
Ain, kg.likas - 7pm
28 Nov 2013 (Thu)
Aishah, Ming Garden kk - 730pm
29 Nov 2013 (fri)
Siti amyzah, menggatal - 7pm
12 Dec 2013
Dadda, putatan -7pm-9.30pm
Farniza shareen - 9.30pm-11.30pm
19 Dec 2013
Rina Ali, Taman View point - 7pm
20 Dec 2013
Azlenah, kimanis - 9.30pm
15 Feb 2014 (sat)
Uzaireen, kg.ketiau putatan -9am
*TBA : To be advised/not confirm
To book date, pls provide: -
-No hp:
-Alamat: ** tempat berinai, bukan alamat surat menyurat
-Tarikh: ** tarikh kamu minta inai, bukan tarikh nikah atau tarikh reception
and send to 0128307235. Text n whatsapp available.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Inai for Cecelia @ Sofea zara

Bridal henna for a bride to be, Cecelia and 2 hours henna party for her family. Got back at 1pm, tired but feel so happy. Tasha, her sister in law is a candy sweet. Heart them all. hoping to see them again in november. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rani Malaysia cones

Again picture of stain for rani malaysia cones. RM1.50 per cones. Please ignore the flower stain as it is only stay on my skin for a short time. That is why the stain isn't darker than the lines design. 
Picture with no filter. The stain is actually darker than in the picture.

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