Friday, June 28, 2013

Henna review:Golecha cone VS Rani Malaysia VS Maharani Cone

Okay. This time I'm gonna write about three types of henna paste.
~Where to get:
So far I couldnt find them in local indian store area kuala lumpur and sabah also including Mydin Pudu and Masjid India Branch. I even ask three shop who sell henna whether they know this golecha. None of them know. Okay. I order this online. So anyone want to buy them, u guys can order them from me. RM3 per cone. RM22 per dozen.
Very easy to draw with this as the paste is quite thick. Just peel off after 2 minutes.
No2: Rani Malaysia (A-International)
~Where to get:
Any Mydin branch. RM1 per medium cone. RM6 per dozen.
U hav to cut tge tip and side of the cone, otherwise ull find it hard to draw. The paste quite runny. I suggest u guys put them in the refrigerator before the application. After it dry, scratch off the henna using spoon or card because it is more like a natural henna.
No3: Maharani Kone
~Where to get:
Local indian store area Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur. The store sell them RM2.50 per cone. And RM23 per dozen. For me, its expensive yar for such so so quality. Or you can order wholesale at email at
As i say, the paste is runny. how ever the cone is good. Just same as Rani Malaysia, I advise to put them in refrigerator before application. Just hav to be very careful, its runny. :). Dry after 3 minutes, peel it off.
Im gonna show stain picture after removal of the dry paste. Stay tune! ♥♥

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