Sunday, June 30, 2013

Henna Private appointment

Private appointment for Ernie's family at Apartment Bandar Sierra.
PM me to get your private appoinment at 0128307235.

Inai for Erni and henna party for her family

Doing bridal henna for Erni and 2 hour henna party for her family at Tmn Khidmat, B.Padang. Got back at 1am. Tired but happy to know such a huge n humble family. The only thing i regret is i forgot to take a lot of pic. ^__^
Pm me at 0128307235 to get price for henna party. :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Henna Review:Rani Malaysia Cone

Previous review i wrote that Rani Malaysia Henna Paste cone was not giving dark stain as golecha and maharani. So i was thinking what i can do with this henna paste.

Since the paste is more to natural henna, so i tried it as a fingercap henna. It dry so fast, so put them on ur fingertip tebal tebal. Drop a few drops of lemon juice onto the henna when its getting dry. Keep it wet and let them stay on your hand for atleast 4 hour. Thats the best.

*In this picture, I didnt drop lime syrup on the dried henna paste, also i remove them only after an hour. Its still giving me this colour. ♥

Si i assume, if you giving a really good care of the henna after application, it will giv good reddish stain to ur fingertip. :)

Henna review: Part 2 of Golecha vs Rani Malaysia vs Maharani

Okay. Here's the stain.

No1: Golecha Henna cone
~stain colour: brownish
~blend to skin perfectly

No2: Rani Malaysia cone
~as i told earlier, need to scrap off. Actually its hard to scrap off. So i just wash them with water and pat dry.
~stain colour:light orange
~require more time to get a darker stain
~well its cheap. Not advise u to draw henna using this but as a fingercap henna, id say its quite good. I'll show u the pictures later.

No3:Maharani cone
~Stain color:dark reddish. I love it.
~how ever, certain part of the drawing (especially thin lines) faded easily after i rinse them with tap water.

Henna review:Golecha cone VS Rani Malaysia VS Maharani Cone

Okay. This time I'm gonna write about three types of henna paste.
~Where to get:
So far I couldnt find them in local indian store area kuala lumpur and sabah also including Mydin Pudu and Masjid India Branch. I even ask three shop who sell henna whether they know this golecha. None of them know. Okay. I order this online. So anyone want to buy them, u guys can order them from me. RM3 per cone. RM22 per dozen.
Very easy to draw with this as the paste is quite thick. Just peel off after 2 minutes.
No2: Rani Malaysia (A-International)
~Where to get:
Any Mydin branch. RM1 per medium cone. RM6 per dozen.
U hav to cut tge tip and side of the cone, otherwise ull find it hard to draw. The paste quite runny. I suggest u guys put them in the refrigerator before the application. After it dry, scratch off the henna using spoon or card because it is more like a natural henna.
No3: Maharani Kone
~Where to get:
Local indian store area Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur. The store sell them RM2.50 per cone. And RM23 per dozen. For me, its expensive yar for such so so quality. Or you can order wholesale at email at
As i say, the paste is runny. how ever the cone is good. Just same as Rani Malaysia, I advise to put them in refrigerator before application. Just hav to be very careful, its runny. :). Dry after 3 minutes, peel it off.
Im gonna show stain picture after removal of the dry paste. Stay tune! ♥♥

Henna paste review:Beauty Kone

Hi. I really really want to share with you guys regarding this henna paste in tube i bought recently at Mydin Masjid India, Kuala Lumpur. I am writing this to share my experience and also as a reminder to myself. Because oftenly i tested many henna paste, didnt write a review, and after a while, tend to forget what it was like, and hows the quality.

So now, i will be showing you the henna stain for BEAUTY KONE HENNA PASTE. (Pkd & exp by Prime Fragrance & Cosmetics Pvt Ltd.) The price for 1 tube is RM2, a dozen is RM13.80.

The paste is quite runny and for me, I'm not comfortable in drawing intricate design using this paste. So I would say a NO.

~The color is maroon
~After 1 night, the stain fade easily and tidak sekata.
~Dont try them on your nail because it wont give deep red stain to ur nail.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Testimoni ♥♥

I ♥ it when most of my clients happy with the result. :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Inai untuk my adik ipar. ♥

I dont really remember when i draw this henna on her hand, but maybe last two weeks. =)

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My own mix of henna paste. :)

I am so happy to show you guys my own mix of henna paste. Tried it on my own finger. It takes 2 hour to get this beautiful colour but the colour is so lovely. :)

I wrap it up using plastic food wrapper so i wont mess the henna with my cloth. tihiihihi

So this is after 2 hour only. I suppose to keep it for 4 hour but i just cant help my self.

No filter this. Ill show you how it look like after 1 week. Still flamming red.

Inai Pengantin Mala, Kg.Rampayan 5 June 2013

Maaf la. Jarang dapat update belog. Taim2 skarang ni, closing accout. Hihi.

So ni inai untuk Cik Mala. Menantu mantan Pengarah Kastam. Sgt lembut orangnya. Family yg sgt friendly to the buzz juga la. Aku pun nda tau apa yang aku merepek ni. :P

Pelamin buat sendiri. Sumpah canteekk.. hihi

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Laki aku yang sporting. :)

 Habis kaki laki aku jadi mangsa. Yang bestnya..dia ni ok ja jadi bahan experimen. hihihihi

Inai pengantin Aini Syazwani, Penampang 31 May 2013

 Yang ni pula inai untuk Aini Syazwani. Dia ni Ustazah di SMK Likas. Crita punya crita, rupanya cikgu kepada adik Khairul Azrin. Classmate aku time sekolah di All Saints dulu. Time ni sangat la kelam kabut mau gerak pegi tambunan, lupa pula mau ambil gambar. Ni pun nasib dia yang ingatkan.. :)

Grab pic dia. Sumpah lawa. :)

Scha Alyahya Design

Inai pengantin untuk Jujue Kg. Darau 13 May 2013

 Sorry jarang2 dah update blog ni, bz sgt a few days ni. Selalu tiada masa mau update blog. Kalau mau update yg ssuper pantas, add la fb sy k.. and saya punya instagram.. Sama gambar semuaaa update. :)

Neway, ni inai yang saya buat untuk Jujue di Kg.Darau. Inai ni actually kakak dia yang book saya, katanya nda pernah minta orang inai kan, apa lagi excited la satu family minta inai. Mmg havoc tau. Record ni la first time 9 orang minta buat inai. Dua belah tangan pulak tu.. hihihi. Tapi I hav fun time di situ. DOrang ni sgt peramah. Malar jak ketawa dengar si pengantin & anak buah blawan2 cakap. :))

Standard Design
Standard Design

Simple Design

Simple Design.

Simple Design

Simple Design

Ni la kaler inai lepas dah buka. Pengantin yang ni tidak sabar mau buka awal. Hihi

Fingercap sample

Fingercap sample with flash

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